Task Coordinators

Convenor: Dr. Kobus Pienaar
email: Kobus.Pienaar@nwu.ac.za
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
North-west University, South Africa
IDAF Coordinator: Dr. Corinne Galy
email: lacc@aero.obs-mip.fr
Laboratiore d’Aerologie (CNRS)
Toulouse, France
LBA Coordinator: Dr. Paulo Artaxo
email: artaxo@if.usp.br
Instituto de Fisica
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
LBA Coordinator: Dr. Luciene Lara
email: luciene@cena.usp.br
Isotopic Ecology Laboratory
University of São Paulo, Brazil
CAD Coordinator: Dr. R. Balasubramanian
email: [cherbala@nus.edu.sg]
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore
CAD Coordinator: Dr. Leong Chow Peng
email: lcp@kjc.gov.my
Malaysian Meteorological Service
Jalan Sultan, Malaysia
Modeling Coordinator: Dr. Gregory R. Carmichael
email: gcarmich@icaen.uiowa.edu
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
The University of Iowa, USA

The scientific committee (SC) will include all the scientists participating in CAD, IDAF and LBA who will be co-responsible for the success of the task. DEBITS II is intended to be as inclusive as possible and invites the participation of all interested scientists.